Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saludos  a todos!
Pense que este link podia ser interesante, en tanto ver otra manera de involucrar a la comunidad en un video juego:

Friday, December 27, 2013

Let us begin....

This is a website for our video game project, named Misión Imposible: Operación Grafiti Urbano.  A list of requirements has been posted at the following Google doc of the same name.  Just to remind you...

Your mission is to create a video game that will encourage the university to create an interdisciplinary video gaming program for undergraduates as well as create an interest in the public and in government officials to restore Río Piedras to the university town it once was.  

The requirements for this game are:

  1. It must help improve Río Piedras.
  2. It must be respectful of all people and things, especially women.
  3. It must create a sense of value in life and people.
  4. It must be attractive to women and men, boys and girls. (slightly modified here)
  5. It must demonstrate the capacity of video gaming to do good in the world.

As a first step in the process, we, the Faculty, suggest that you define what the following terms mean operationally as a way of initiating the framing of the task at hand:

sense of value

You have also been sent a list of emails in a Google Doc named M.I. Force which lists all the emails of all the people involved in the project. 

Your grade in this course will depend on your proposal which you are to present to us, the Faculty, on Friday, January 24th at a time to be determined.  You need to have created at least a prototype of the game by the end of the semester.

I require at least one post weekly to see the progress of the group since we are basically three disciplines coming together to learn from one another how we can collaborate to create a video game track in the university.  I believe that it is essential that we write about the entire process to be able to learn how to improve it in the future.

So feel free to post from here on out.  All of you have write permissions and may comment on this blog.  I will keep it private for now, but remember that the goal is to be able to make it public at the end of the semester, so moderate yourself!

Mucha suerte a nosotros!